Wednesday, 10 September 2008

4 x 21st Cards

Here are the other two again I used DM and Robo and stamps for the greeting

Shoes n Swirls 21st

This is the 2nd in the 4
I used DM and Robo and stamped the greeting

Flowery 21st

I have been commissioned to make 4 21st cards all for girls but different
this is 1st of the four
I used DM and Robo flower puches, glitter and stamps

Singing Scotsman

I was asked to make this for a DJ in the Canaries
I drew the scotsman and made the kilt out of Ribbon when you lift up the kilt He is waering his Microphone.
Printed the greeting onto pearl card and heat embossed mat N layered the rest

60th Birthday

This card I was asked to make for an all round sports spectator
I used DM and Craft robo and crafters companion mens CD