Sunday, 8 March 2009

Friendly Plastic A gift for Mummy

I got some friendly Plastic from the SSEC and decided to let Cara and Connel My Grandchildren make a braclet for Mummy to go with the card they had made.

They chose the colours I cut the strips and used the heat gun, (while explaing to Connel that it is not a hair dryer and very hot)
When the plastic was hot enough I let them use the comb on it to get the pattern. We then wrapped it around a glass along with the heat resistance sheet and left it to cool.

We then made a box I showed them how to use the ultimate Pro, Cara made the base, Connel made the lid. they where both amazed with what they ahd made and really enjoyed it and want to come back next week to make more cards.

They are both away home now covered in glitter and trying to keep their secret present making quiet.
Connel is just about bursting at the seems it was so funny watching them leave with my daughter Cara was telling Connel to be quiet and not to tell mummy about the gift. I had already told her a little of what they had been doing without giving too much away.

I think they will both be regular visitors to my carft room

Crafting with Children

Cara and Connel visited today while mummy was away to work and we decided to make a Mother's Day card.
Cara is 9 and quite good at instruction on the PC so I decided to show her how Robby Robo worked talked her through going into Design Master and bring up the text let her and Connel choosel the font then took them through the transform procedure to get the Bow shape. Gra file here

Then I showed them Robby explanied how it worked they chose their colours Mummies Favourites
aqua tones we cut the wording out and Cara creased the card we masked off the card so that they could use Inks on the wording Connel is sometimes a little heavy handed but he managed fine they both chose to add a butterfly and a glitter trail and we printed a tag greeting then inked the edges.