Thursday, 27 November 2008

Awards & tags

Here is the list of awards & tags and sorry if you have already received one
Vals craftroom
Messy crafter
Jue-like-my blog

Blog Award and tagged lol

I have received these this week from several crafters Thank you all very much
for the Tagged one i need to say 7 things I like to do then tag severn well here goes

  1. I love craft retail therapy.
  2. I love Chocolate and eating the whole bar lol.
  3. I like to go on holiday
  4. I love spending time with my grandchildren all five and the sixth one when it comes
  5. I love to here from my Sons one is in the Navy and the other is in the Army.
  6. I love spending time with my daughter shopping or just having coffee.
  7. last but not least like to spend time with my hubby at craft shows cos he is easily sold on new stuff lol