Sunday, 30 November 2008

Creative crafts and gifts for christmas

What a fabby morning at the craft show smaller than the SSEC but just as good. We got in with the exibitors got lots of crat goodies including some friendly plastic and the comb as my grandaughter and are going to have a play lol got silver card from paperbox goodies from stamp addicts a load a stuff from crafters companion.
I watched demos from Audrey Sibbet, Wendy Rhodes and Debbie Moor even Hubby enjoyed his self thats cos we ahd passes to get in free ha ha

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Holly & Ivy Ampersand

I designed this in DM and cut with Robo
decorated it with holly & Ivy Stamped and die cut images
I had seen the ampersand previously on UK scrappers done by Tracey Gough

Bookatrix Christmas

Three of the cards I was asked to make I only have another 5 to go
I used the Bookatrix boared with Mirri card I printed the scrolls and added my own verse/greeting. and I used my bigshot for the dies also ued gold glass paint, Glitter and Pearly doodles

Friday, 28 November 2008

A4 Decopage Christmas Cards

Both greetings where printed and personalised with Names I used the same picture for both but with different coloured backing papers and embellishments

A4 Pyrimage Christmas Cards

I printed the Greetings on both these cards with the Printer then glittered the main letters The Pyrimage pic I put through My Craft Studio and altered the colour from the normal lilac and turquiose to Apple & Coral matted and layered and added Ribbons and glitter

Making A4 Cards and using the printer

Well I have discovered a way of printing onto A3 card with a normal A4 printer.
When making an A4 card. I fold the A3 card in half. I now have my A4 card and I work out the orientation and which way the printer prints out. I use Publisher and have a blank page A4 portrait and if I put my greeting at the top of that page it prints out first so I place my greeting using the rulers to adjust the size, how I want it to look then Print. If I use pearl Card the ink does not dry so fast so then I can emboss the greeting. The Card I use is from the The Papemill and the printers I use are Epson C64 and Epson S20 with this one I sometimes need to stand at the printer help it load.

Happy Crafting

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Awards & tags

Here is the list of awards & tags and sorry if you have already received one
Vals craftroom
Messy crafter
Jue-like-my blog

Blog Award and tagged lol

I have received these this week from several crafters Thank you all very much
for the Tagged one i need to say 7 things I like to do then tag severn well here goes

  1. I love craft retail therapy.
  2. I love Chocolate and eating the whole bar lol.
  3. I like to go on holiday
  4. I love spending time with my grandchildren all five and the sixth one when it comes
  5. I love to here from my Sons one is in the Navy and the other is in the Army.
  6. I love spending time with my daughter shopping or just having coffee.
  7. last but not least like to spend time with my hubby at craft shows cos he is easily sold on new stuff lol

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Diamond Anniversary

Diamond Anniversary
I used the Bookatrix with Gold Mirri card, Brown & cream pearlised and White pearlised card for the 3 layered book.
I used another boared for the flowers added Babies breath flower to the middle and stamped the little book

Pretty Little Exploding Box from A4 card

You need :
  • 3 pieces of A4 card
  • Scoring tool.
  • Double sided tapeand Embellishments





from your A4 card cut
2 strips 9cm x 27cm outer
2 strips 8cm x 24cm Middle
the third A4 card put the card landscape and cut 2 strips off the end 7cm these two strips will measure 21cm x 7cm inner the left over piece trim to 15.5cm x 15.5 cm this is your lid

Take the outer 2 and score them equally 9cm then the middle two strips and score them at 8cm
and finally the 2 inner pieces and score them equally 7cm as per diagram

When you have done this take the two 9cm strips lay one on top of the other in the shape of a cross stick them with DST, follow the this with the remainder strips then you should end up with three cross shapes each one larger than the other taking the largest and fitting the mid size into the centre of the cross section use DST to stick it then fit the smaller one sticking it at the centre with DST,
The flaps should all fold up ready for the lid.

fold each score line in and the corner diagonal fold should fold flat against the inside edge use a wet glue and paper clips to hold position until dry.
Now your box is ready to be embellished

Pretty Little Lilac Box

A pretty Little exploding Box for a 65th Birthday
I have used photos of the birthday girls children and grandchildren with a few other embelishments.

Box Dimension 9cm x 9cm assorted lilac and mauve colours this box hs been made from A4 card

Grace's 1st Birthday

I was asked to make a pink sparkly, girly teddy bear card for a 1st birthday
I printed the greeting straight onto the card used the bigshot for the name and the butterfly the two teddies and pink skeleton leaves where from my craft box.

Tam the Terror

I was asked to make this card for a friends nephew and the greeting is a private joke in the family as he was a little terror and destroyed everything in his path (Cousins Drumkits etc)

I embossed the greeting with the printer and used a Rob Adamms CD for the Teddy and Big shot for the 30s

Monday, 24 November 2008

Gift for a New Born

Gifts for New born Babies based on the Arty Farty templates this has been designed on DM and cut out with the Robo.
A decoupaged baby placed in the crib and decorated with ribbon, lace, etc

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Xmas Branch

Embossing folder, ribbon. stickles and fibers are what I used to make this card

Winter Scene

This I designed using My Craft Studio it is three seperate pictures layered together and tinted and text added

Friday, 21 November 2008

Diamond Anniversary

I Diamond Anniversary designed on DM and cut on Robo
The Floral Bouquet from my floristry skills. the greeting tags printed on the pc in co-ordinating colours

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Never ending card folds

Here is an illustration of the never ending card as the flaps keep folding back. It would be good for children to make or receive as it has a magical and tactile quality.
I have just decorated this quickly for illustration purpose

Never Ending card Tutorial

  1. You will need 4 pieces of paper 16cm x 8cm score each piece the same half way (4cm) vertically and 4cm from top and bottom
  2. Butt two of the pieces together keeping them vertical as per 2nd diagram and add glue or tape to each of the corners as per 3rd diagram

  1. stick the second two pieces across Horizontally as per diagram 4
  2. Then fold flaps back creasing edges with a bone folder

Footy Star

Footy card I stamped the background added a football ribbon and a decoupage football star.
I printed the greeting onto a banner in mycraft studio

HSM Birthday

I was asked to make a HSM Card for a 10 year old The picture was bought in the States
I added Hearts and Flowers and printed the greeting in matching colours

Babies 1st christmas

Babies firts christmas card
I used the emboss to impress board and the cuttlebug embossing folder added a 3D shoe.
and embellished with lace ribbon, glitter & xmas bits

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Printing in Gold and Silver

If you like to print the front of your card or would like to print your verses in Gold & silver you need to customise the ink colours where it says R G B. you can do this where you change the colour click on more colours or customise colour every programme is different so have a look and play about when you close the programm it should default back to black
The list of numbers

Gold enter the number R 192 G 165 B 104
Antique Gold R 165 G 138 B 82
Copper R 205 G 115 B 0
Silver R 151 G 151 B 168

Remeber they will not be metalic but as near as you can get and ideal for printing Wedding Stationery

Using your Printer to emboss

As you can see from a few of my cards I use my printer for the greetings!
you can also use your printer to emboss the greeting with embossing powder, here's how
You will need to set up your programme to print the front of your card, I use publisher and set the layout of the page to suit my printer.
Printer ink normally dries as quick as it leaves the printer but with some coated and pearlised card the ink can take a while to dry (remember some coated cards are now specifically produced for ink jet printers and will absorb so much ink so that it dries quickly)
dust your card with an antistatic cloth/bag first and place in the printer organise your text and before you click print make sure you have your embossing powder ready print out the greeting remove the card from the printer pour on the embossing powder tap off excess and heat and there you have a professional look!

I usually use pearlised card from Joanna Sheen her service is excellent and the price well I haven't seen it cheaper! so that sold me.

You can try this with vellum I have printed out the Wedding vows and embossed with gold and used this as a backing to the topper on a wedding card.

Happy crafting

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Scottish Winter

I was asked to make a card with a Scottish theme, apart from the loch ness, haggis And thistles this is what I came up with. I printed the greeting and because I used pearlised card was able to emboss it with silver. I used a winter Lake scene and embellished with tartan, Holly and gems