Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Pretty Little Exploding Box from A4 card

You need :
  • 3 pieces of A4 card
  • Scoring tool.
  • Double sided tapeand Embellishments





from your A4 card cut
2 strips 9cm x 27cm outer
2 strips 8cm x 24cm Middle
the third A4 card put the card landscape and cut 2 strips off the end 7cm these two strips will measure 21cm x 7cm inner the left over piece trim to 15.5cm x 15.5 cm this is your lid

Take the outer 2 and score them equally 9cm then the middle two strips and score them at 8cm
and finally the 2 inner pieces and score them equally 7cm as per diagram

When you have done this take the two 9cm strips lay one on top of the other in the shape of a cross stick them with DST, follow the this with the remainder strips then you should end up with three cross shapes each one larger than the other taking the largest and fitting the mid size into the centre of the cross section use DST to stick it then fit the smaller one sticking it at the centre with DST,
The flaps should all fold up ready for the lid.

fold each score line in and the corner diagonal fold should fold flat against the inside edge use a wet glue and paper clips to hold position until dry.
Now your box is ready to be embellished

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