Monday, 7 May 2012

Lipstick, brushes & Button


I wanted to play with Colours in Craft Artist particularly Pinks, Oranges & Greens. I decided t9o use Ladies Night and Botanique Digi Kits they had the colours I liked. I created the background Ribbons, Buttons, Materials and flourish with Botanique and the rest from Ladies Night I designed the brushed and lipstick pots using materials from Botanique placed the ribbons on the card along with the flourish I added the brushes, lipsticks and placed them behind the pots. I used the buttons and added a gem between them and personalised with a name. I added the text and added a few more faux pearls which i re coloured using the fill tool I finished by adding ear rings I printed the card. I then removed all the layers except the buttons and one earring which i then printed again to use as decoupage. I added glaze to these then put the card together.