Friday, 28 November 2008

Making A4 Cards and using the printer

Well I have discovered a way of printing onto A3 card with a normal A4 printer.
When making an A4 card. I fold the A3 card in half. I now have my A4 card and I work out the orientation and which way the printer prints out. I use Publisher and have a blank page A4 portrait and if I put my greeting at the top of that page it prints out first so I place my greeting using the rulers to adjust the size, how I want it to look then Print. If I use pearl Card the ink does not dry so fast so then I can emboss the greeting. The Card I use is from the The Papemill and the printers I use are Epson C64 and Epson S20 with this one I sometimes need to stand at the printer help it load.

Happy Crafting


val090 said...

That's great Joolse but I don't think my printer will take double thickness of card. I't got a job taking single thickness sometimes. What sort of printer do you have?

Wendy said...

Thats a great Idea, Clever You, One I will have to try