Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Push me pull me card 1

1 You need piece of card 29.5 cm x 14cm

2 Measure and score the card width ways three times 9.5cm you will

be left with a lip do not cut this off. you need this tostick the folded card together so that the movable parts are free to slide

Using a bone folder crease each score line.

3 You will need another two pieces of card 14cm x 8.5 cm's

these will be the push and pull pieces

Decorate one side of both cards i,e Verse and topper or two verses

make sure they are flat to the cards

4 You will also need a piece of polythene 3 cm x 30 cm

I use a carrier bag

5 Wrap the polythene around the side end panel

of the folded card not the end with the lip


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