Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Push me Pull me Card 2

6 When you have your polythene in place and stuck with sellotape
you can fix the two pieces of card ( should be face up)to the polythene strip one sits at the back
and the other sits at the front
To stick use DS tape on the polythene and at opposite sides as per diagram
Add a ribbon to the card that pulls on the right

7 Fold the card and decorate the middle panel of the folded card
making sure it is the right way up

8 & 9 this is how your card should look

Enjoy making this card


Anonymous said...

Great card Joolse, I'm going to give this one a go. Looks pretty easy the way you've explained it so I'll have a crack at it. Thanks for sharing. Hope mine looks as good as yours.

Trace x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Well I'm trying again Joolse, having problems with word verification type it in and then nothings happens just go back to a box with no words in it. Anyway hopefully it will work this time.

Lovely card and thanks for the easy to follow instructions, I know where to come when I want to try and make one, thanks.

Are you still having problems getting on my blog?? is it just not loading??

Rita said...

Stunning card Joolse. Can you tell me what the lip is used for please, does it just fold under at the finish. Hugs Rita xx

Angel's Delight's said...

Wow, Jool's.....

this is a MUST HAVE A GO....!!!!!
Thanks hun...
Hugs Angel

rozzy said...

Hi Jooles, thanks for stopping by at my blog. You have a great tutorial here... i'm terrible at explaining how to do things, so well done. That design card is one of teh things that i keep meaning to try.... I have a blog on where i ahve saved some video clips from youtube showing how to make them.
if you get time hop over there and also vist my trimmie gallery... have have loads more on there
Hugs rozzy xx

yvonne said...

Easy to follow instructions well done .. urm new project next week,lol
such a lovely card too.

Sam said...

Ooh, this looks good Jools, might have a go!
SamG xx